Artist Statement

Kathryn Hyde's artistic endeavors include sculpture, printmaking, collage and photography. Hyde's investigation of architecture and design is found in the elemental details in her etchings, photography and sculpture.                                       

Most recently, she is constructing sculpture incorporating reclaimed and decaying materials.  The sequence, titled “Tree Metamorphous,"  is created from common, everyday materials including withered wood, discarded cardboard and rusted metal work. Hyde scavenges from city streets, generous building contractors and re-use yards. She carefully pieces the object together, rather like completing a puzzle. The only alterations to the wood involve the removal of nails or debris, and minor trimming to fit individual sections together.  

These humble, rustic objects reflect the hidden energy from their source  – the air and earth elements. The fibers of the wood and cardboard, and pieces of old metal elements hold memory of their past use.

"Tree Metamorphous" is based on Hyde’s concern for the natural environment. These sculptures depict her affinity for the wild land, and her desire to preserve earth's precious materials and natural resources. Her hope for the future is sustained by the dedicated individuals and organizations working creatively to protect the air, water and soils.

Hyde's work has been exhibited in San Francisco at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability, SF Department of the Environment, Marin Headlands Visitor Center, City Hall and the Main Public Library; and in San Jose at Works. Kathryn Hyde is an artist living and working in San Francisco, California.

“The tree was past and the paper is present, and yet paper is present and paper still remembers holding itself upright and altogether. Like a dream, it remembers its sap.”  Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being, 2013


Curriculum Vitae

SF Details & Animal Monoprints, Marin Headlands Visitor Center, Sausalito, CA          
French Buildings, Berkeley Orthopedic Medical Group, Orinda, CA
Guatemalan Architecture, Photographs, Diamond Corner Café,  San Francisco, CA  

Art Re Done, Urban Hardwoods, San Francisco, CA
Tree Metamorphous Series, SEED Gallery, Thoreau Center, San Francisco CA
SCRAP Art, Creative Reuse in the Bayview, San Francisco CA
Tree Metamorphous #1, Department of the Environment, San Francisco CA

SF Details, Architecture & The City, SF Main Public Library, San Francisco CA
SF Details, The Bay Area Seen, Art in City Hall, San Francisco CA
SF Details, California Society of Printmakers Exhibition, WORKS , San Jose CA
Architectural Details, Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco CA
Etching Studies, Fort Mason City College Gallery, San Francisco CA                    

Tree Metamorpous: Sculptures constructed of found wood, metal and cardboard
SF Details: Solar plate etchings of architectural details in San Francisco, California
Architecture: Black & white photographs
Exploration: Architecture in Provence, France
Architecture: Color photographs of ancient walls in Antigua, Guatemala

University of California, Berkeley, Master’s Degree
San Francisco State University, Bachelor’s Degree
City College of San Francisco, Sculpture & Printmaking
University of California, Berkeley: Design & Photography

Greening Gallery/GGNRA Marin Headlands Visitor Center
SCRAP/Scrounger’s Center for Reusable Art Parts